Floor Vacuum Cleaner

Philips Vacuum Cleaner: Make Cleaning Laminate Flooring Easy

The beauty of a laminate floor can rival that of a hardwood floor since it is sturdy, versatile, and elegant. This flooring is much less expensive and simpler to maintain. Furthermore, it is nearly waterproof and less likely to display scratches. Even laminate, however, has its limitations. Knowing how to give it the correct care is crucial.
Discover our basic and easy guide in the following paragraphs to learn how to maintain your flooring's aesthetic appeal with a vacuum cleaner for years to come. We'll explain how to clean laminate floors without leaving streaks and make your laminate floors stand out.

1. Major Care Tips and Tricks to Clean Laminate Floors

Sadly, dust will never truly disappear. The first step in learning how to dust properly is to dust frequently. This will help us remove it more effectively.

Knowing how to avoid damage is as important as maintaining your flooring, as it helps prevent stains from laminate floors. When a potential tragedy occurs, this typically means acting quickly.
Did your glass of water get broken? Did your dog spill in the middle of your living room? This calls for immediate action; dry your floor right away. If you react quickly, stains won't have a chance to set on the laminate flooring, so you'll never need to worry about it.
Tip: Never let your laminate floor remain wet for an extended period. Although laminate flooring is durable, it can distort or get damaged if water or other stains seep through the seams.

2. Protect your Surface Like a Pro

After reading our guide, the finest approach to clean laminate flooring may be revealed to you, but all that effort will be for nought if your floor surface is scratched. Laminate can eventually lose that layer despite having a tough protective covering. Take into account our top advice and dos and don'ts for laminate floor care to offer your flooring the best possible chance of lasting as long as possible.

• DO NOT place protective caps or felt pads beneath the table and chair legs.

• DO trim a pet's nails. If you live with a four-legged pet, be sure to periodically trim their claws.

• DO use a carpet to help collect some of the dirt tracked into your house on shoes, as grit and pebbles can also lead to scratches.

• DO NOT drag or slide any furniture pieces across the floor.

• DO NOT use a strong detergent or an abrasive sponge when deep cleaning laminate floors.

Tip: When thinking about effectively cleaning laminate floors, selecting a product appropriate for that particular type of flooring is crucial. This way, your floor will remain scratch- and streak-free for longer. Setting up a regular cleaning schedule and using the proper cleaning technique are also crucial.

3. Cleaning Laminate Flooring Without Streaks

It's really easy to clean laminate floors; the fewer home appliances and products you use, the better your floor will appear. Many hardwood floor maintenance products and detergents with soap or oil in them have the potential to leave your floor with a matte layer or streaks. Learn here how to avoid it and streak-free clean laminate flooring.

• First, completely vacuum the floor using strong equipment, such as the SpeedPro Vacuum Cleaner. The Philips vacuum cleaner thoroughly eliminates obstinate dirt from even concealed locations thanks to its 360° suction nozzle.

• Use a quality laminate floor cleaner or clean water to wipe the floor. A wet mop would leave too much water on your laminate floor, so spray the product in a thin layer directly onto the floor and wipe it down.

Tip: To prevent the floor from being too wet and requiring you to walk on the wet floor, clean the floor in stages rather than all at once.

4. Top Ways to Shine Laminate Floors

Despite your best efforts to thoroughly clean laminate floors, they may lose their natural luster over time. Don't be frightened; this could be caused by a thin layer of dirt, detergent traces, or water stains. We can help you make your laminate floor shine again with some simple advice.

• After vacuuming, try wiping it off with a solution of one part vinegar to one part water.

• With clean, warm water, wipe the floor once more.

• Finally, use a soft cloth to polish your laminate flooring.

Now that you know how to take care of laminate floors, you can clean them effectively. In conclusion, guard against scuffs, filth, and spills; vacuum the floor; clean it with a flat mop; recover dull laminate by wiping with vinegar; and polish with a cloth. You're all prepared now!