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Vacuum Cleaner For Home

Philips Dry Vacuum Cleaner: Clean Pet Hair Like a Breeze

Ah, our adorable canine companions. Undoubtedly, we adore them, but they do increase our household tasks. If you live with a dog or cat, you are aware of how frequently you see pet hair on furniture cushions, carpeting, and other places. So it's useful to have some advice on how to remove dog hair from carpets and other types of flooring with the finest home appliances and tools. Read on for our best advice on how to remove cat hair from sofa cushions and other surfaces.

1. How Frequently Should You Clean Up Dust?

In addition to being a favorite sleeping spot for our canine companions, carpets also seem to mysteriously attract animal hair. Therefore, before it becomes too hectic, every pet owner has to know how to remove dog hair from carpet fibers (or, for that matter, how to remove cat hair from carpet fibers). Try these easy methods to get pet hair out of the carpet:

• Make use of a vacuum with strong suction. The Philips Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is the ideal option. Its 180 degree suction effectively collects animal hair, dust, and pollen, making it ideal for maintaining hygienic conditions in homes with animals.
• Make use of a rubber-headed brush. Use a brush with a rubber head to get rid of cat and dog hair found on carpeted surfaces. The hair sticks to the rubber as soon as you drag it over the carpet.
• Pet hair on the carpet can easily be removed using an old nylon cloth. Simply pull them over your hands and swipe the carpet with your palms. The coarse nylon sticks to the hair.

When you find cat or dog hair on carpet fibers, it takes more effort to remove it than when you find it on a smooth floor like parquet, laminate, or tile.

• The best way to clean a floor with smooth flooring is to mop it with a damp towel. • Avoid getting the cloth too moist while removing pet hair from the parquet with a damp cloth. • If your floor is tiled, you can then clean it with a microfiber cloth, which will magically attract the hair to it.

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2. Top Ways to Remove Hair from Sofa Covers

If you let your little darlings sit on the couch (and who can resist those beseeching faces?), you'll undoubtedly need to know how to remove dog hair from couch cushions or, if your furry companion is a cat, how to remove cat hair from sofa coverings. Use the following advice to get pet hair out of sofa covers:
• Vacuum your sofa. Put the sofa covers on your dry vacuum cleaner and thoroughly clean them.
• Rubber can assist in removing hair from sofas, just like it can from carpets. Put on a pair of rubber gloves, spritz them with water, and then sweep the couch with them. After that, the hair sticks to the gloves.
• Place the covers in the washer. If your sofa's cover is detachable and washable, you may also wash it in the washing machine using a dedicated pet hair cycle to get rid of cat or dog hair.

You may now start de-furring your soft furnishings because you know how to remove dog hair from couch cushions, cat hair from carpet fibers, and vice versa.