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Hand Mixer

Philips Hand Mixer

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Philips Daily Hand Mixer 300W 5 Speed Black - HR3705/10

Philips Daily Hand Mixer 300W 5 Speed Black - HR3705/10 HR3705/10

₹ 2,495.00 ₹ 2,795.00 11% Off

  • Cone-shaped beaters
  • Easy-to-attach accessories
  • Cord clip for tidy storage


Philips Hand Mixer- The most under-rated kitchen appliance

Unlock the full potential of your culinary prowess with the cutting-edge Philips Hand Mixers! As a trusted leader in home appliances, Philips brings you a range of hand mixers that revolutionize your baking and cooking experience. These hand mixers are designed to deliver superior versatility and efficiency, allowing you to whip, blend, and knead with ease. Equipped with precision-engineered motors and multiple speed settings, these powerful hand mixers effortlessly tackle a wide range of mixing tasks, from whisking cream to kneading dough. With their compact and ergonomic design, Philips Hand Mixers offer a comfortable grip, ensuring extended use without any discomfort.

The beating heart of these hand mixers lies in their remarkable attachments - the included beater and dough hook. The beater attachment guarantees flawless results in achieving smooth batters, light meringues, and silky sauces. Meanwhile, the sturdy dough hook attachment takes the hassle out of kneading, providing you with perfect bread dough in no time. Say goodbye to strenuous hand-mixing and embrace the convenience of Philips Hand Mixers, designed to make your kitchen endeavors a breeze.

Crafted with precision and quality, Philips Hand Mixers ensure consistent performance and long-lasting durability. Experience seamless blending and mixing, leaving you with more time to indulge in your culinary creations. The compact size of these hand mixers ensures easy storage in your kitchen cabinet, always ready for your next cooking adventure.

Upgrade your kitchen arsenal with Philips Hand Mixers and embrace the joy of effortless mixing and blending. Transform your cooking experience and unleash your inner chef with the exceptional performance and reliability that only Philips can provide. Say hello to a world of culinary possibilities with Philips Hand Mixers - your trusted partner in the kitchen.

Multiple uses of Philips Daily Hand Mixer 300W- 5 Speed Black Color - HR3705/10

Whipping Cream: Hand mixers are perfect for quickly whipping cream to make it light and fluffy. This is essential for creating toppings for desserts like pies and cakes.

Mixing Batter: They are excellent for mixing cake batters, pancake batters, and muffin mixtures. The variable speed settings on many models allow you to control the consistency of the batter.

Beating Eggs: Whether you're making scrambled eggs, omelets, or meringue for pies or cookies, a hand mixer can beat eggs swiftly and efficiently.

Blending Soups and Sauces: In some cases, you can use a hand mixer to blend soups or sauces directly in the cooking pot, achieving a smoother consistency without transferring the mixture to a blender.

Mixing Ingredients for Frostings: Preparing creamy and smooth frostings for cakes and cupcakes is a breeze with a hand mixer. You can easily combine butter, sugar, and other flavorings for a perfect finish.

Making Whipped Butter: For spreading on bread or enhancing the flavor of dishes, a hand mixer can whip butter, incorporating various herbs or seasonings for a flavored butter.

Preparing Puddings and Custards: Hand mixers ensure a lump-free mixture when preparing puddings, custards, or flan.