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Philips Mixer Grinder - More power Less noise 750 Watt - HL7777/00


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Perfect blend of advanced technology and high performance! The turbo power 750W motor is programmed for optimum speed and it is embedded with smart sensor which regulates speed at the optimal level for better performance and minimum noise.


3 step blade technology


Turbotorque motor


Speed grinding


Softsound technology


Quiet pro jar


Power blades


Perfect results all time


Optimum speed


Built in safety


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  • ₹ 13,499.00

  • ₹ 16,995.00
  • (21% Off) Inclusive of all Taxes
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Philips Mixer Grinder - More power Less noise 750 Watt - HL7777/00

Philips Mixer Grinder - More power Less noise 750 Watt - HL7777/00
  • ₹ 13,499.00

  • ₹ 16,995.00
  • (21% Off)

750W Turbo torque motor:
Turbo torque density motor supports grinding of even the toughest spices like turmeric, garam masala and pepper and get the finest of results. Additionally the motor is tested for 5 years life with locked rotor power of 2200W.


Speed grinding:
Three speed grinding mode supports to provide coarse and fine grinding depending on the user requirment for daily cooking.


Soft sound technology:
The mixer grinder is powered with soft sound technology which supports 50% reduction in sound power* so that while you perform your daily kitchen tasks, you can have a nice chat with your family or your kids could sleep in peace. All this without any compromise in performance.


Quiet Pro Jars:
The quiet pro jar is constructed with 3 part enclosures which supports to conceal noise especially while grinding heavy ingredients.


Programmed Optimum Speed:
The powerful 750W motor is programmed for optimum speed and it is embedded with smart sensors. This programmed speed regulates speed which enables better performance with less noise while grinding.


Power blades:
High grade power stainless steel blades not only supports for fine grinding experience of dry and wet ingredients but also supports new recipes like smoothies, sauce & dips, meat mincing for patties, & ice crushing for making your favourite Ice golas.


Perfect results all time:
The pre-set power bullet jar is designed to provide superior 2X times better performance**. Especially while mincing meat and crushing ice giving you the benefit of perfect consistent results everytime!


Built-in safety switch:
The built-in safety jar locking mechanism supports un-intentional mis-use while operating the appliance.


3-step blade technology:
3-step blade technology The innovative blend and carry sipper comes with high grade cutting technology to get smooth blend of combination of ingredients, like vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, nuts, cereals, herbs etc. This sipper is designed to minimize the oxidation process and retains freshness.

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  • Weight & Dimension

    Dimensions of Product (LxWxH):
    211 x 395 x 320 mm
    Dimensions of Packaging (LxWxH):
    532 x 395 x320 mm
    Weight incl. Packaging:
    8 kg
    Weight of Product:
    5.4 kg
  • General Specifications

    Accessories Included:
    Spatula, Recipe booklet, Jars, User Manual
    Non-slip feet:
    Type of filling:
    Type of lid:
    Number of speed settings:
    Overload protection:
    Removable Blade for Jar:
    Product features:
    On/off switch, Preset cooking function, Non-slip feet, Dishwasher safe, Safety lock, Pulse, Cancel button
    Material of main body:
    ROHS compliant ABS body
    Material of Accessories:
    ROHS compliant ABS body
  • Technical Specifications

    No. of Jars:
    Jar Capacity:
    1.5 L , 2 x 1.0 L, 0.5 L
    Cord length:
    1.2 m
    RPM Blender (max):
    20000 rpm
    750 W
    230 V
    RPM Motor (No load):
    19000 rpm
    RPM Motor (With load):
    11500 rpm
  • Design

    Metallic silver and Bold Black
  • Service

    2-year worldwide guarantee
  • Sustainability

    > 90% recycled materials
    User manual:
    100% recycled paper
  • Product Details

    Product Name:
    Mixer Grinder/HL7777/00
    Maximum Retail Price:
    Rs. 16995/- (Inclusive of all taxes)
    Unit Sale Price:
    Rs. 16995/- Per unit
    Country of origin:
    Net Quantity:
    1 Unit
    Manufactured/Marketed by and Contact Customer Service Executive at:
    Versuni India Home Solutions Ltd. , 3rd Floor, Tower A, DLF IT Park, 08 Block AF, Major Arterial Road, New Town (Rajarhat), Kolkata, West Bengal 700156, India.
    Email ID:
    Phone Number:
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When the preset function is running, the selected preset menu in your Philips Mixer Grinder will glow in white.

Once the preset menu is done, it will then blink five times in color green.

You can easily cancel a preset function by pressing the cancel button.

If you see buttons blinking on your Philips Mixer Grinder and the appliance will not run, there could be a simple solution. Please, read on.

The power went off while using it

If there is a power failure while you are using your mixer grinder, the pulse and cancel buttons will blink continuously and your appliance will not run.

To solve this, turn the switch knob to OFF and then unplug the mixer grinder. Then, plug it again.

You should now be able to turn the switch knob to ON again and resume normal grinding.

Find below what to do if your Philips Mixer Grinder is making a noise.

Processing hard ingredients

Some ingredients such as turmeric/besan, ice and meat are very hard in nature. When ingredients like this are processed in a mixer grinder, the particles will break down into smaller pieces while hitting the jar surface initially producing a louder noise.

If this has not solved the problem, please contact us.

Your Quiet pro mixer grinder comes with two different specialized blades: one is the Dry Blade (minus shaped) , and the other is the Wet Blade (plus shaped) Please see image below for reference.

These two blades are used for different purposes like dry grinding and wet grinding.

The Dry Blade is used for grinding all dry masala, tomato puree, onion paste etc. The Wet blade is used for grinding dhal batter, baby food, rice batter, lassi etc.

How to replace the blades

To replace the blade, hold it and rotate the blades inside the jar in clockwise direction using spatula while holding the coupler firmly. While fixing another blade then rotate it in anticlockwise direction and ensure as blade is proper locked before using the appliance.

The lid of the jar in your Philips Mixer Grinder has a small hole/vent to help releasing air pressure that is formed during grinding.

The appliance is equipped with an ‘Overload Protector’ (OLP) Switch

If the overload protector switch is activated, the appliance will cut off the power supply. This may happen if the appliance is run continuously for a very long time or if it is overloaded with ingredients.

To reset the appliance:
1. Unplug the appliance.
2. Remove the jar and look under the appliance.
3. On the bottom of the basic unit you see a red switch (OLP). Press the switch to reset the appliance.
4. Let the appliance cool for 2-3 minutes.
5. Reassemble the appliance, plug it back in and switch it on.

1. The appliance may produce some smoke when you use it for the first time. It is normal for a new product to produce an unpleasant smell or emit some smoke when it is first used. This phenomenon stops after you have used the appliance a few times.

2. The appliance may have been running for too log.

  • Switch off and unplug the appliance immediately
  • Let the appliance cool down for 60 minutes
  • Plug the appliance in again and switch the appliance on again

If the problem persists, please contact your local Philips dealer or an authorized Philips service centre.

When you are grinding a small amount of ingredients, they may get stuck to the sides of the jar. In that case you must:

1. Switch off the appliance
2. Open the jar
3. Remove the ingredients that are blocking the blade unit with a spatula or by adding some liquid
4. Close the jar and switch the appliance on again to ensure that the ingredients are processed equally

1) You can clean the appliance by wiping the basic unit with a damp cloth and a non-abrasive liquid cleaner.

2) To clean the jars, follow the instructions given below:

  • Fill the jar with soapy water
  • Assemble the jar on the basic unit
  • Use the ‘WHIP’ button 5-6 times
  • Wash the jar with clean water
  • Make sure that you dry the jar and lid completely using a towel before you store it
  • 3) You can clean the other attachments like the spatula and removable blades, with your dishes using soapy water.

    If you notice mixer jar is jammed, read on and find what could cause this and ways to solve it yourself.

    Jar is jammed due to ingredient stuck in movable parts

    It could be that Jar is not cleaned after last usage or long time and few ingredients jammed the movable parts of Jar like coupler, blade.

    To solve this, switch off the appliance, de attach the Jars from Machine and clean thoroughly according to the cleaning instructions.

    If the above point does not help, then contact us.

    If you notice gearbox makes unusual noise, read on and find what could cause this and ways to solve it yourself.

    Gearbox is cleaned with running water

    It could be that you have cleaned the gear drive with running water. It is strictly water-resistant attachment, If water has gone inside then it must damage the lubricant applied on small gears & internal parts.

    To solve this, dry the gearbox in direct sunlight before next use.

    If the above point does not help, then contact us.

    You can run your Philips Mixer Grinder for up to 5 minutes max. After that, the appliance will automatically turn off and the Pulse and Cancel buttons will keep on blinking after 5 mins. 5minutes ON and 2 minutes OFF (rest time) for 1 cycle .

    Max operating cycle should be 6 cycles only. It is defined in Indian standards that ensure higher life of the Motor. This machine is programmed in such a way as it does not allow to run beyond 5 mins to support longer life of the Motor .

    Manual and Documentation

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