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Create a Perfect Cleaning Plan with Philips Vacuum Cleaner

A clean house is a happy house; our life can easily get in the way of chores. However, having the proper organization makes doing domestic chores much simpler, as it does with many other things. Do you know how frequently you clean your home? In this article, you’ll discover the benefits of Philips vacuum Cleaner and how to make a cleaning schedule for your home, helping you focus on the wonderful things in life.

1. How Frequently Should You Clean Your Space?

So let’s start with the question that is probably in your thoughts. How frequently should you truly clean, dust, brush, and mop? Generally speaking, once-a-week cleaning is sufficient. Other times, such as the traditional “spring clean” or before visitors arrive, it is advisable to conduct a more comprehensive clean beyond the regular house cleaning plan of vacuuming and dusting. You can also divide it into daily tasks if you don’t want to overwhelm yourself on one day.

2. What Should Your Weekly Cleaning Schedule Include?

It’s time to get down to work now. Here, we’ll outline the items that each week’s cleaning schedule has to cover. A good household cleaning schedule typically consists of six tasks that are completed each week:
Neatening up
Dusting the kitchen
Cleaning the bathroom

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3. Step One: Make Everything Look Tidy

Try to maintain your home as tidy as you can daily to avoid making cleaning up a significant time-eater in your weekly cleaning schedule. It’s beneficial to set a few guidelines that the entire family abides by:
After reading, place the books back on the shelves.
Pack toys in their respective places.
Once garments have been worn or washed, store them away.

4. Top Ways to Make Tidying Up Easy

Here are some top suggestions to make sticking to your cleaning schedule simpler.
Be sure to include your kids. Make sure that everyone is in charge of cleaning up their own space, with a little assistance from the adults as needed. Teamwork ultimately makes everything easier.
Storage is crucial. Have boxes or other storage options in various sizes on hand for toys and office supplies.
Not only are toys kept in storage. Use folders to organize crucial documents like bills and user manuals for home appliances.

5. Step Two: Wipe the Dust

In any plan for cleaning the house, dusting is crucial. Here are some top ideas to make this process simple.

Always dust before vacuuming. This prevents dust from landing on your just-cleaned floor.
Remember to dust every surface. This covers hidden spaces behind the sofa and beneath the refrigerator, as well as furniture like shelves, side tables, and dressers.
Put a feather duster to use. This will be useful for getting to hard-to-reach spaces.
Use a slightly damp piece of cloth. This is a great way to get rid of dust from other areas so the moisture will prevent particles from swirling up when you wipe. If anyone in your home suffers from allergies, this is the best option.

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6. Steps Three and Four: Vacuuming and Mopping

The third item on your list of household cleaning tasks is vacuuming. Remove any plants or ornamental items that are on the floor and place the chairs up on the table. You’ll be able to complete it all in one motion with Philips SpeedPro vacuum cleaner.Use a mop to clean the kitchen and hallway after vacuuming the heavily filthy areas.

7. Cleaning Hacks For your Kitchen and Bathroom

Of course, any weekly cleaning schedule must include cleaning your kitchen and bathroom. The same steps that apply elsewhere in the house also apply here. Dusting and vacuuming should come before beginning water-based cleaning. Here are a few things to remember when cleaning the bathroom and kitchen.

Oven Cleaning Advice: Wipe your oven well after each use, immediately wiping up any leaks. That will help avoid a significant accumulation of dust that becomes more difficult to deal with over time.
Refrigerator Cleaning Advice: Once a month, give your home appliances like refrigerator a thorough cleaning to help prevent the spread of bacteria and germs. To clean it, you’ll need to take everything out, so it’s a good idea to do it just before you load up on fresh food. During this time, defrost the freezer section.
Bathroom Cleaning Advice: For eradicating those bothersome limescale stains on the shower and fixtures, vinegar is a helpful ally. Making a vinegar-water mix yourself is inexpensive and sustainable.
Bathroom Storage Utilizing Advice: Boxes and tiny baskets help arrange the bathroom. Keep all your brushes, toiletries, cosmetics, and accessories in them.

With the help of these suggestions for planning your home cleaning schedule, you’ll be able to finish the duties quickly each week so you can relax with a cup of tea and a magazine.