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Steam Iron vs Dry Iron: How to Choose the Right Iron?

An iron is an important home appliance in an Indian household. Whether one uses a steam iron or a dry iron depends on the need and requirement of the person and their household. In this blog, we’ll help you make a decision between a steam press and a dry iron by explaining what each of it means. Philips has a range of steam irons and dry irons in its range. You can buy Philips Steam iron at a home appliance store near you or you can buy steam iron online at the Philips Home Appliance Store and the top e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart. This blog also contains information about the Philips Innovation in garment Care- ‘The Philips Pressurized Steam Generator Iron- GC6815/20 ’, the best in ironing solutions.

What is a Steam Iron?

Steam Iron

A steam iron is an appliance that is used to iron clothes and remove wrinkles from the clothes. It works by heating up a metal plate and emitting steam through small holes in the plate. The steam helps to relax the fibres in the fabric, making it easier to smooth out wrinkles. Some steam irons also have a feature called a "steam boost" which allows for a strong burst of steam to be released for more stubborn wrinkles. When you iron with steam, it is easier to remove wrinkles than traditional dry irons because the steam helps to penetrate the fabric more deeply.

What is a Dry iron?

A dry iron is a household appliance that is used to press clothes and remove wrinkles. It works by heating up a metal plate and pressing it against the fabric to smooth out the wrinkles. Dry irons do not produce steam and are typically less effective at removing wrinkles than steam irons. However, they may be preferred for certain types of fabrics that are sensitive to heat and moisture. Some dry irons have adjustable heat settings, so it is important to use the appropriate heat setting for the type of fabric you are ironing.

What is a Pressurized Steam Generator Iron?

Philips Steam Generator

A pressurized steam generator iron is a type of steam iron that uses a separate water tank and heating element to generate steam, rather than a traditional iron that generates steam from the iron itself. Pressurized steam generator irons tend to be larger and more powerful than traditional steam irons, and they are designed to produce a higher volume of steam. Pressurized steam generator irons tend to be more expensive than traditional steam irons, but they may be more efficient and effective at removing wrinkles.

What is a Pressurized Steam Generator Iron?

Handheld Steam Iron

A garment steamer is a device that uses steam to smooth and remove wrinkles from clothing, upholstery, and other fabrics. It does not require a pressing surface and can be used to deodorize and freshen fabrics as well. To use a garment steamer, you simply fill the device with water, wait for it to heat up, and then run the steamer head over the fabric you want to treat. The heat and moisture from the steam help to relax the fibres in the fabric and smooth out wrinkles. A garment steamer is not an alternative to Steam iron, rather an addition in your ironing tools for last-minute outfit touch-ups and crease-less ironing. Philips has a range of handheld steamers (STH7040/80, STH1010/10, STH3010/70, GC362/80) and standing steamers (GC523/60, GC487) available.

Steam Iron vs Dry Iron: How to choose?

Iron Standing

There are a few factors to consider when choosing between a steam iron and a dry iron:

Fabric type:Steam irons are better for fabrics that are prone to wrinkling and may need additional moisture to relax the fibers. Dry irons are better for fabrics that are prone to water damage.

Ironing needs: If you frequently iron large quantities of clothes or iron for long periods of time, a steam iron may be more convenient as it can produce a continuous stream of steam. If you only occasionally iron small quantities of clothes, a dry iron may be sufficient.

Budget: Steam irons tend to be more expensive than dry irons. If budget is a concern, a dry iron may be a more cost-effective choice.

Ironing preferences: Some people prefer the convenience of a steam iron, while others may prefer the simplicity of a dry iron. Consider your personal ironing preferences when deciding which type of iron is right for you.

Ultimately, the right iron for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Consider the fabric type, your ironing needs, budget, and ironing preferences to choose the right iron for you.

Philips also has a range of garment steamers or iron steamers- both handheld steamers and Standing Steamer irons. If you are looking for a steamer that is easy to carry and travel with, browse through our handheld steamer range.