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Philips Air Purifier with HEPA filter 99.97% particle removal - AC3059/65


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With just one push of a button, the air purifier filters the invisible viruses, allergens or pollutants in your home, to keep it clean and safe. It purifies quickly and effectively, thanks to its clean air delivery rate (CADR) of 520 m³/h.


Air quality display


Auto-ambient light


Low Energy Consumption


Particle removal




Track and control with app


Ultra-quiet operation


Virus removal


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  • ₹ 25,995.00

  • ₹ 35,995.00
  • (28% Off) Inclusive of all Taxes
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Philips Air Purifier with HEPA filter 99.97% particle removal - AC3059/65

Philips Air Purifier with HEPA filter 99.97% particle removal - AC3059/65
  • ₹ 25,995.00

  • ₹ 35,995.00
  • (28% Off)
Add Deep Cleaning service for ₹ 599

Certified disinfector:
This product has gained the official certification from China government as a disinfector, with authoritatively endorsed disinfecting technology and results.


HEPA filter captures 99.97% of particles of 0.003 microns
3-layer filtration with NanoProtect HEPA, active carbon filter and pre-filter captures 99.97% of ultra-fine particles as small as 0.003 microns (4), so you are safe from PM2.5, bacteria, and other pollutants (7).


Removes up to 99.9% of viruses and aerosols from the air
Captures aerosols including those which may contain respiratory viruses. Tested independently by airmid health-group to remove up to 99.9% of viruses and aerosols from the air (3). Also tested for coronavirus (5).


Air quality display
See the real-time air quality in your home at a glance. The display shows the level of allergens, gases and PM2.5 in numerical form, as well as with an intuitive color ring.


Thoroughly tested for quality you can trust
Philips purifiers go through 170 mandatory and strict inspection tests before releasing from factory. They are subjected to rigorous life and durability tests, for continuous operation 24/7.


Auto-ambient lighting
The display light automatically adjusts according to the environment in your room, giving you all the benefits without any of the disturbance.


Sleep mode with ultra-quiet operation
In Sleep mode, display lights are dimmed, and the purifier operates in near silence for clean air while you sleep. Certified by Quiet Mark.

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  • Connectivity

    App connects via Wi-Fi:
    Clean Home+
    Smartphone compatibility:
    iPhone and Android devices
    Voice control:
    Alexa, Google Home (7)
  • Filteration Type

  • Indication Type

  • Maintenance

    Recommended filters change
    3 years (6)
    Replacement filter:
  • Modes

    Bacteria and Virus
  • Performance

    CADR (Particle, GB/T):
    520 m³/h
    HEPA, Active Carbon, Prefilter
    Room size (G/BT):
    Air quality sensor(s):
    PM2.5 particle, Gas
    Particle filtration :
    99.97% at 0.003 microns
    Allergens filtration:
    Virus & aerosol filtration:
  • Usability

    Min. sound level (Sleep mode):
    15 dB
    Automatic mode:
    Cord length:
    1.8 m
    Sleep mode:
    Manual speed settings:
    4 (Sleep, Speed 1, 2, Turbo)
    Air quality feedback:
    Color ring, numerical
    Auto-ambient light:
    Max. sound level (Turbo mode):
    56dB (9) Day modes :
    Night modes:
    2 (Sleep, Allergy Sleep)
  • Weight & Dimension

    Weight of product:
    7.2 kg
    Dimension of product (LxWxH):
    Dimension of packaging (LxWxH):
    370x366x784 mm
  • General Specifications

    520 cmh
    Room Size
    62 sqm/667 sqft
    App Control
    Noise Level
    15-56 dB
    Filter Life Indicator
    Applicable Filter
  • Technical Specifications

    220 V
    50 Hz
    Cord length:
    1.8 m
    58 W
  • Design

    Color of control panel:
    Control panel type:
    Material of main body:
    Material of deco ring:
  • Energy Efficiency

    Max. power consumption:
    58 W
    Stand-by power consumption:
    2 W
    230 V
  • Service

    2-year worldwide guarantee
  • Sustainability

    > 90% recycled materials
    User Manual:
    100% recycled paper
    Stand By Power Consumption:
    2 W
    Max Power Consumption
    58 W
  • Product Details

    Product Name:
    Air Purifier/AC3059/65
    Maximum Retail Price:
    Rs. 34995/- (Inclusive of all taxes)
    Unit Sale Price:
    Rs. 34995/- Per unit
    Country of origin:
    Net Quantity:
    1 Unit
    Manufactured/Marketed by and Contact Customer Service Executive at:
    Versuni India Home Solutions Ltd. , 3rd Floor, Tower A, DLF IT Park, 08 Block AF, Major Arterial Road, New Town (Rajarhat), Kolkata, West Bengal 700156, India.
    Email ID:
    Phone Number:
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If Philips Air Purifier contains a cylindrical filter

Pre-filter is the filter surface of a cylindrical filter. When filter cleaning alert displays on the screen, clean the filter surface with a vacuum cleaner. When filter replacement alert displays on the screen, it’s time to replace the filter. Please check your user manual to see replacement indications specific for your model.

Note: There is no filter cleaning alert on some Philips Air Purifiers. Please follow the cleaning schedule and instructions on the user manual specific for your model.

PM2.5 is a scale for measuring real time air quality. Its values vary from 0 to 500.

The PM2.5 indication is connected to your Philips Purifier’s air quality ring light to inform you in real time about the quality of the ambient air.

The different colors indicate the following:

Blue: good.

Blue-violet: fair

Red-Purple: unhealthy

Red: very unhealthy

Your Philips Air Purifier may contain different filters depending on the model. To find out the one suitable for yours, read the article below.

Philips Air Purifier filters

Your Philips Air Purifier comes with multiple layers of filters or a cylindrical filter and warns you when a filter must be replaced. Depending on the Philips Air Purifier you have, you might see different types of filter replacement alert lights.

A) Air Purifiers AC400x, AC401x, AC402x, AC407x, AC408x, ACP073x, ACP077x, ACP007x:
  • Filter replacement light 1
  • Filter replacement light 2
  • Filter replacement light 3/4
  • Filter replacement light 5

See further explanations below.

B) All other Philips Air Purifiers: Air Purifiers that do not belong to the list mentioned above, show a filter replacement indication light, icon or code (models with a display panel) to alert you.

See further explanations below.

A) Purifiers AC400x, AC401x, AC402x, AC407x, AC408x, ACP073x, ACP077x, ACP007x:

When filter replacement light 1 flashes (in red): The pre-filter needs to be cleaned. You can wash it under running tap and dry it completely it before installing it back. Alternatively, you can clean it using a vacuum cleaner.

When the filter replacement light 2 is on or flashing (in red): When the filter replacement light 2 flashes or is on continuously, you need to replace the multi-care filter (for Air purifier AC4004 only). This filter cannot be washed. After replacement, make sure you reset your appliance

The filter replacement light 3/4 is on (in red): The filter 3 (activated carbon filter) and filter 4 (HEPA filter) need to be replaced. After replacing them, make sure you reset your purifier. Please note that these filters cannot be washed.

The filter replacement light 5 flashes (in red): This light indicates that the humidification filter should be replaced.

B) All other purifiers

Your Philips Air Purifier may without a display screen, it has a filter replacement light and will stay on. If your Philips Purifier has a display screen, then it will show one of the following codes or icon goes on (Figure 1 in below image) to alert you:

Codes A1 to A9: Replace NanoProtect HEPA filter.

Codes C1 to C9: Replace the NanoProtect AC filter.

Code: F0: Clean the Pre-filter.

If you notice that the airflow coming from your Philips Air Purifier is weak and the air quality light does not turn blue, find out here what you can do to solve the issue.

Note: All images shown below are generic representations only; there can be some differences among specific appliances.

Packaging materials have not been fully removed

If packaging remains around the filters, then you might notice weak airflow and the air quality light might not turn blue.

To solve this, please make sure to remove all packaging materials from the filters.

The pre-filter is dirty

A dirty pre-filter (C in the picture below) can also cause the airflow from your Philips Air Purifier to be weak.

Clean the pre-filter by washing it under the tap and letting it dry (it needs to be fully dry before it goes back into your purifier).

The filters are dirty

Dirty filters (marked as A and B in the picture, but some purifiers only have filter A) can cause a weak airflow as well.

These filters should be replaced once a year or as recommended for your specific air purifier model, and they should not be washed.

If your Philips Air Purifier does not remove odors or smells as expected, there can be several reasons. Please find out here how we can help you.

The room air quality is very poor

If you are using the appliance in a room in which the ambient air quality is very poor, please open the windows to improve the air circulation.

The room is too big

Your Philips Air Purifier should not be used in a room that is bigger than recommended. If this is the case, then its performance will not be optimal and some odors/smells might not be removed properly.

The recommended room size depends on your specific air purifier model. See the table below for more information or the user manual of the air purifier:

The filter has reached the end of its life

The lifetime of the filter is not fixed. It depends on the ambient air quality.

You can put the filter out in the sun for a couple of hours to remove the odours. If this does not help, you need to replace the filter.

If the air quality does not improve or the air quality light does not turn blue when using your Philips Air Purifier, find out the possible causes and solutions here.

Packaging material has not been removed

Packaging material needs to be removed from the filters of your Philips Air Purifier. Please remove all packaging materials as shown in the below picture.

The standalone filters are not placed correctly

The filters need to be placed in the right order and direction for your Philips Air Purifier to function correctly. Please check the numbers and then place the filter back with the tag pointing towards you.

The air quality sensor is dirty or wet

The air quality sensor in your Philips Air Purifier (indicated as figure 1 in the image below) should be dry and clean. Please check and clean it with a cotton bud if necessary.

Make sure pre-filter is clean

If your Philips Air Purifier contains standalone filters, please wash the pre-filter under a running tap. You can use a soft brush, if it is very dirty, to brush away the dust. If your Philips Air Purifier contains a cylindrical filter, please clean the pre-filter (filter surface) with a vacuum cleaner.

You can also find step-by-step instructions specific to your model in the User Manual.

The windows are open

If the windows are open and polluted air continues coming in from outside, your purifier might not be able to improve the air quality. Please try to close all the doors/windows while operating the air purifier for at least four hours and select the highest speed mode. If PM2.5 level is more than 150, please use product in highest fan speed/turbo mode.

The room is too big

The room in which you use the air purifier is larger than the maximum size the appliance can effectively purify. Make sure the size of the room does not exceed the maximum indicated for your air purifier model.

New furniture in the room

When adding new furniture to a room, the air quality might become affected by gases it might emit. These gases should disappear gradually in the next weeks.

If you wonder what the air quality lights or ring lights of your Philips Air Purifier mean, please find out here.

Note: All images shown below are generic representations only; there can be some differences among specific appliances.

Air purifiers with air quality ring lights

You can see the quality of air your Philips Air Purifier is cleaning using the air quality lights (see image below). The different colors indicate the following:

Blue: good.

Blue-violet: fair

Red-Purple: unhealthy

Red: very unhealthy

Air purifiers with a quality light

In this case, your air purifier indicates the current quality of the air by displaying a red or green light.

In the first few minutes after you select the SmartAir Control function, the air quality indicator will flash red to indicate that the air quality sensor is measuring the ambient air quality. After approximately 5 minutes, the air quality indicator lights up green if the air quality is good or lights up red if the air quality is poor.

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