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Philips OTG Oven Toast Grill 25L with Opti Temp Technology - HD6975/00


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Philips OTG is enabled with 10 customized one touch preset menus & programmed with Opti Temp technology for healthy & joyful cooking. This allows up to 10% higher nutrient retention and up to 2x crispier cookies & uniformly baked cakes.


Accessories for Multi Cooking


Auto Cut Off


Opti Temp Technology


One-touch preset menu


Chamber Light


Digital Display


Multi-Functional Modes


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  • ₹ 8,995.00

  • ₹ 11,995.00
  • (25% Off) Inclusive of all Taxes
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Group Product 25L OTG with Opti Temp Technology - Philips HD6975/00
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Philips OTG Oven Toast Grill 25L with Opti Temp Technology - HD6975/00

Philips OTG Oven Toast Grill 25L with Opti Temp Technology - HD6975/00
  • ₹ 8,995.00

  • ₹ 11,995.00
  • (25% Off)

Opti Temp Technology :
Ensures uniform cooking of the ingredients with the benefit of optimum browning, better crispiness.Helps in up to 10% higher nutrient retention & up to 2x crispier cookies and uniformly baked cakes.*.


Multi functional modes :
Customized level in each type of functional modes helps in getting desrired level of crispiness. Also,features rotisserie functions for delicious,evenly cooked tandoori.


Accessories for multi cooking :
like drip tray,tongs, baking tray, rotisserie, grilling rack which supports multiple recipes like baking,roasting, broiling, toasting & grilling. All accessories are food graded and rust free for easy maintenance & cleaning.


Digital display panel :
for selecting modes, recipes and time,temperature control


Convection Mode :
Convection mode Optimum temperature setting powered with convection mode maintains uniform heat dispersion due to good hot air ventilation that keeps the temperature even throughout cooking.


One touch 10 preset menu :
It’s exclusively designed Preheat mode heats the entire chamber which supports recipes like cakes, muffins, pizzas, bread, bun, bagel and cookies. Customised modes like Grill and Tikka makes cooking Indian cuisines a lot easier than before


90 minutes auto cut-off :
enables to cook large quantity for a larger family size

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  • Finishing

    Material accessories:
    Food graded
    Material of main body:
    Cold Rolled Steel Metal
  • Weight & Dimension

    Dimensions of product (LxWxH):
    465 x 370 x 300 mm
    Dimensions of packaging (LxWxH):
    520 x 404 x 356 mm
    Weight Incl. packaging
    7.5 kg
    weight of product:
    6.3 Kg
  • General Specifications

    Accessories Included:
    Non-stick coated plates, Recipe booklet
    Number of browning levels:
    Prefix programs:
    Product Features:
    Adjustable browning, Automatic shut-off, Cancel button, Cord storage, Flat heating element, Integrated cord storage, LED display, Non-slip feet, On/of f switch, Perfect Temp, Preset cooking function, Ready signal, Temperature control, Time control, Power-on light
  • Technical Specifications

    Cord length
    1 m
    50-60 Hz
    220 - 240 V
    1500 W
  • Design

    Color of control panel:
  • Service

    2-year worldwide guarantee
  • Sustainability

    Stand-by power consumption:
    0.5 W
  • Product Details

    Product Name:
    Maximum Retail Price:
    Rs. 11995/- (Inclusive of all taxes)
    Unit Sale Price:
    Rs. 11995/- Per unit
    Country of origin:
    Net Quantity:
    1 Unit
    Manufactured/Marketed by and Contact Customer Service Executive at:
    Versuni India Home Solutions Ltd. , 3rd Floor, Tower A, DLF IT Park, 08 Block AF, Major Arterial Road, New Town (Rajarhat), Kolkata, West Bengal 700156, India.
    Email ID:
    Phone Number:
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Find below why you might be unable to resume the last function in your Philips Oven Toast Grill

Power went off

When the power goes off while you are using your Philips Oven Toast Grill, you will not be able to resume the last function.

As your oven toast grill does not have a programmed memory available to store the last function, you will need to restart the appliance and adjust the temperature and time manually according to the required recipe.

No, it will continue running.

As safety precaution, make sure to always switch off your oven toast grill from the main supply before opening the door.

You cannot select the upper and lower heating elements individually, as this is based on the preset mode.

In preset mode, the heating element combination works accordingly as per predefined programming, In some preset modes both elements may be heating up together and in few other preset modes either only the upper element or the lower element will be working.

Find below possible causes and solutions for when you cannot change the time and temperature in your Philips Oven Toast Grill

Your oven toast grill is running

Time and temperature cannot be adjusted while your appliance is running.

If you want to adjust the Time/Temperature, first press the Stop button and then adjust the Time/Temperature accordingly. You can press the Start button again after that.

If your food is cooked before the given time, then you can cancel the preset function by simply switch off the OTG.

If you notice white smoke coming from your Philips OTG, read on and find what could cause this and ways to solve it yourself.

Food ingredients sticking to the element

It could be that some debris is sticking to the heating element and this will produce white smoke.

To solve this, switch off the appliance, wait for it to cool down and clean thoroughly according to the cleaning instructions.

Smoke produced by the ingredients

There are some recipes (such as those based on tandoor preparation), where food ingredients may emit white smoke.

If the above points are not the reason for the smoke, then switch off the appliance and contact us.

When the chamber light on your oven toast grill is not switching on, there is a chance this could be easily fixed. Read below to find out how.

The temperature knob has not been pressed

If you own a 36L Philips Oven Toast Grill, the temperature knob performs a dual function: it sets the temperature and also switched on the chamber light.

To switch on the chamber light, please press the temperature knob. If you rotate the knob clockwise or anticlockwise after pushing it, then you can increase/decrease the temperature.

If this has not solved the problem, please contact us.

No, you cannot use any plastic or glass, as your Philips Oven Toast Grill is not designed for those materials. Using plastic would result in the material deforming or melting. Using glass would result on the material cracking.

No, you cannot use any water based recipes in Philips Oven Toast Grill.

No, we do not recommend you to place anything in contact with your oven toast grill’s surface (or very close to it) since its temperature goes up when it is on.

Please, also do not directly touch the surface and door panel when the appliance is hot. Use the door handle, knobs, and tongs to operate it.

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