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Philips 1000 series Compact Handheld Garment Steamer - STH1010/10


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Enjoy effortless and quick steaming with our Handheld Steamer 1000 Series. With its lightweight and compact design, perfecting your look has never been easier- making it your ultimate styling companion. Just plug in and you're ready to go!!


900 Watts Power


No ironing board required


Ready to use in just 35 seconds


Steam Rate of up to 18 gm per minute


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  • ₹ 3,199.00

  • ₹ 3,795.00
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Group Product Philips 1000 series Compact Handheld Garment Steamer - STH1010/10
Group Product Philips Sneaker Cleaner, 3x Brush heads, 4x AA Battery - GCA1000/60
Group Product Garment steamer STH1010/10 + Sneaker Cleaner GCA1000/60
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Philips 1000 series Compact Handheld Garment Steamer - STH1010/10

Philips 1000 series Compact Handheld Garment Steamer - STH1010/10
  • ₹ 3,199.00

  • ₹ 3,795.00
  • (16% Off)
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Compact and stylish design
Compact and stylish design : Thanks to its compact design, you can enjoy easy steaming whenever and wherever you want. It is easy to use, just press the button and go!


85 ml detachable water tank
85 ml detachable water tank: Steam your garments in one go with the detachable 85 ml water tank. The water tank is easy to remove and refill whenever you need during steaming


Ready to use in 35 seconds
Ready to use in 35 seconds: Whenever you need it, your steamer is ready to use in just 35 seconds. The light indicates when you are ready to start so you're finished in no-time. Ideal for those last minute outfit decisions.


Up to 18 gm/min continuous steam
Up to 18 g/min of continuous steam: It relaxes fabric fibers so creases can be smoothed practically.


Kills 99.9% bacteria
Kills 99.9% bacteria*: Besides de-wrinkling, 1000 Series also refreshes clothes (and soft furnishings, curtains, toys) and removes odors by killing up to 99.9% of bacteria*.

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  • Easy To Use

    Safe on all ironable fabrics
    Water tank capacity: 85 ml
    Detachable water tank
    Refill any time during use
    Power cord length: 1.6 m
    Ready to use: Light indicator
    Heat up time: 35 seconds
  • Weight And Dimensions

    Product dimensions (WxHxL):
    9.2*19.0*11.3 cm
    Weight of product:
    520 g
  • Accessories Included

    Glove for extra protection
  • Service

    2 year worldwide guarantee
  • Product Details

    Country of origin:
    Imported and Marketed by:
    Philips Domestic Appliances India Ltd
    Registered Address:
    3rd Floor, Tower A, DLF IT Park, 08 Block AF, Major Arterial Road, New Town (Rajarhat), Kolkata, West Bengal 700156.
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Using the right type of water helps prolong your Philips garment steamer or steam iron's lifespan. Please read along to find some tips and tricks.

Water type to use

Your Philips steam iron or garment steamer has been designed to be used with soft water. However, if you live in an area with hard water, fast scale build-up may occur.

Therefore, to prolong the lifespan of your iron or steamer it is recommended to use distilled or RO water.

Please do not use perfumed water, water from the tumble dryer, vinegar, starch, descaling agents, ironing aids, chemically descaled water or other chemicals as they may cause water spitting, brown staining or damage to your steam iron or garment steamer.

To perfume your clothes we recommend you choosing one of the following options:

  • Using perfumed washing softener
  • Using essential oils (aromas) during washing
  • Spraying perfumed water after ironing or steaming

Your Philips garment steamer (handheld or stand steamer) is always safe to be used on all your garments.

Yes, your Philips garment steamer can be safely used with any setting on any garment. It will not burn them.

Yes, it is safe. To de-wrinkle your clothes effectively, hold the plate of your Philips Handheld Steamer against your clothes. Do not worry about this damaging your garments. The hot plate is specially designed for this. It will not burn or leave wet spots and it can be pressed directly against any item of clothing that needs steaming.

If your Philips Garment Steamer is dripping some water droplets, please read on to find possible causes and solutions.

Condensed water from previous session

It is normal for some condensed water from previous session to remain within the steam flow path.

To solve this, press and hold steam trigger for at least 3 seconds to release any water droplet residues at the beginning of the new steaming session before steaming directly on a garment.

Scale/calc formed inside the handheld steamer

Sometimes, scale or calcification can form inside your handheld steamer, and this can cause it to drip some water. In regions with hard water this can be noticed more often.

To prevent this, please ensure that the water tank is emptied after a steaming session.

Besides this, we recommended you to use a RO water for long life and better perfromance.

Find here possible causes and solutions when you notice a vibration or pumping sound from the handle of your Philips Garment Steamer.

Water is being pumped to the steamer head

When you are using your handheld steamer, water is pumped to the steamer’s head to be converted into steam, and this produces a noise and vibration. This is normal.

Find here possible causes and ways to solve the issue when an intermittent noise comes from your Philips Garment Steamer after using it.

Cooling down

It is normal for your handheld steamer to produce an intermittent noise along with trickle of steam when product is left aside or rest to cool down, as it has not fully cooled down yet.

The steam engine is still hot with residual water left in the steam path and this causes the noise. Please, allow the appliance to fully cooled down (

When your Philips Garment Steamer (handheld or stand steamer) does not produce steam, there could be several causes. Learn more here.

First time usage

The first time you use your garment steamer, it might not produce steam right away as there is no water in the system yet. Do not worry, this is normal and will only happen the first time you use it.

Please, press the steam trigger for one minute. This will promote water circulation and the production of steam.

The steamer has not heated up sufficiently

Your garment steamer needs to heat up heating before steaming. Allow it to heat up for 30 to 60 seconds before using it (the steam-ready blue or white light will be blinking at its default mode).

There is no water (or low water level) in the tank

If the tank is empty, your Philips Garment Steamer will not be able to produce steam.

Please, refill the water tank.

The water tank is not inserted properly

If the water tank is not properly inserted, your garment steamer might not be able to produce steam.

Please, remove the water tank and insert it again correctly

The handheld steamer is held horizontally

Your Philips Handheld Steamer is designed to be used vertically. When it is positioned horizontally, the water from the tank might not flow freely.

To prevent this, please hold your handheld steamer vertically while using it.

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