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Philips 250 Watts Steel Rod Hand Blender White - HL1655/00


Philips Hand blender enables the user to quickly blend larger quantities of ingredients for as long as 20 minutes. The product is ergonomically designed for a better grip along with a rust proof metal arm to blend hot and cold dishes.


Specially designed blades


Safe to use rust free steel arm


Removable blades for whisking and whipping


250 W powerful motor


Easy single trigger operation

  • ₹ 1,799.00

  • ₹ 1,995.00
  • (10% Off) Inclusive of all Taxes
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Group Product 250W Steel Rod Hand Blender - Philips HL1655/00
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Philips 250 Watts Steel Rod Hand Blender White - HL1655/00

Philips 250 Watts Steel Rod Hand Blender White - HL1655/00
  • ₹ 1,799.00

  • ₹ 1,995.00
  • (10% Off)

Specially designed blades
Specially designed blade supports blending of ingredients like cooked dhal and spinach, lassi, uree and milkshakes.


Safe to use rust free steel arm
The rust free stainless steel arm and blades supports the blending of cold and hot ingredients. The steel is less corrosive and food graded material which is safe to use.


Removable blades for whisking and whipping
It comes with two different blades for whipping of cream, eggs and whisking of beverages, making daily cooking much easier.


250 W powerful motor
The product features with 250W powerful motor supports the processing of tough ingredients . This innovative product can support blending of ingredients up to 20 minutes*.


Easy single trigger operation
Single trigger press with easy to hold feature for quick blending of ingredients.


Unique body shape without grooves
Unique body shape without grooves on the body surface ensures easy cleaning.


Ergonomically designed for better grip
The ergonomic design of the product supports better grip while holding the blender.


Wall bracket included for easy storage
The product features additional wall bracket for easy storage of the appliance.

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  • Design And Finishing

    Blue and white
    Material bar
    Stainless steel
  • Weight & Dimension

    Dimensions of the product (LxWxH)
    333*93*69 mm
    Weight of product:
    0.8 kg
    Weight incl. packaging:
    1 kg
    Dimension of packaging (LxWxH):
    372*110*105 mm
  • Service

    2-year worldwide guarantee
  • Sustainability

    90% recycled materials
    User manual
    100% recycled paper
  • Technical Specifications

    Cord length
    1.2 m
    250 W
    230 V
    50 Hz
  • Product Details

    Country of origin:
    Imported and Marketed by:
    Philips Domestic Appliances India Ltd
    Registered Address:
    3rd Floor, Tower A, DLF IT Park, 08 Block AF, Major Arterial Road, New Town (Rajarhat), Kolkata, West Bengal 700156.
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Troubleshooting steps:

First identify the reason of overheating.

-Long run of product in one go
-Bar assembly is not defective

Product Run Limitation in One Go

Please note, Bar blender can be used maximum for 1 Minute in one go, Thereafter let it become cool down before next use.

Bar assembly defective

Check and ensure if bar assembly is defective.

To check the bar assembly, Switch off the appliance and try rotate the blade with help of hand force, Check If it works fine or any friction in rotation.

If found any friction then ask Service Centre to replace the bar assembly.

When you wonder if you can set your Philips hand blender’s power to “ON” permanently, please find the answer in the following lines.

Limiting the usage to 3 minutes max a time

Due to safety reasons, your Philips hand blender should not be operated for more than 3 minutes at a time.

This is why it only works when you press the power button. It is impossible to fix the power button in the “ON” position to prevent you from letting the appliance run for a longer period of time.

Yes, if you process hard ingredients such as bones and fruit with stones, this may damage your Philips hand blender.

The blade unit will not become blunt during normal use.

If the blade unit of your Philips hand blender is not performing as well as it used to, you can replace the whole blender bar.

Cleaning your Philips hand blender bar after every use will help keeping it in optimal condition. Just follow these simple steps.


Pour some warm water with some cleaning detergent into the beaker, insert the blender bar and let the appliance operate for approximately 10 seconds.

Detach the blender bar from the motor unit and rinse it under the tap.

Afterwards place the blender bar upside down.

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